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I just sent an email but my question bears repeating. I have a distraught almost 4 year old grand daughter and budding Dan Zanes fan. We purchase Little Nut Tree and were listening to it when we arrived at Lily's preschool. She had been fascinated with the illustrations for the cover art and asked if she could take it and share the booklet at sharing time. When her mama came to pick her up the booklet was nowhere to be found. Lily was distraught. Is there any way to replace the cover or purchase some of the cover art? Thank you so much.
Katherine Dehn

Dan Zanes and Friends responded on 12/11/2013

Hi Katherine- This is Stephanie from Dan Zanes headquarters in Brooklyn. We would be happy to help you out. Please send your mailing address and we'll get you a replacement book ASAP, we'll send an extra little treat for Lily as well.

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